We all live busy lives, with career related or personal projects or tasks competing for our time. A common theme among the clients I career coach is “how can I get more applications done in less time?”  This can be translated as increasing job searching productivity. On this site I may refer to this as the‘Job Application Success Ratio’ Mobile apps can significantly drive your productivity, here is how.

I’ve seen first hand how the notable increase in job application productivity when my one to one clients implement the latest digital Job Searching Strategies I recommend. Encase this is still unclear, I’m taking about the end result being; more face to face job interviews and more telephone interviews secured.

The hottest growing trend in the last 2 years is the increase the percentage of total online job searches coming through job search apps. Job searchers can find for new job opportunities 24/7, giving them an advantage over other applicants.

Mobile job search apps allow users the accessibility to keep up with the latest job openings, and the privacy to pursue new opportunities on their own mobile device, all syncing between the same user profile on the app and online account. I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 free job searching apps; saving you time and energy on the job application process.



Just like the full website, the iPhone app lets you search for jobs and filter the results based on your industry, location, desired salary and more. The Indeed app aggregates listings from thousands of sources, including other online job boards. You can easily attach your CV / Resume to jobs that you want to apply for, or save them to apply for later if you wanted to include a tailor cover letter.

Download: Android or iOS



Monster claim to be in the top three job searching websites, and now they have an app that allows to access the vast amount of jobs that are on their site. Sign in to your Monster account to access your uploaded CV / resumes, previous job applications and cover letters. You can set the preferences of location and industry so that when new jobs are posted you receive a tailored alert email.

Download: Android or iOS


Intro by about.me allows you to network with people in your industry by turning your about.me page into a digital business card. You can control what you share — your page, phone number, email or all of the above — and keep track of the cards you send and receive. View other people’s profiles that may be interested in the skills and experience you have to offer. View that person’s about.me page in the app and save his or her information right to your phone’s contacts.

Download: Android iOSSave & Exit



The highest-rated iOS job-search app, Jobaware allows you to sync all your job-search activity on the web and on the app, as well as integrate with LinkedIn. You can track your search progress, compare jobs in different cities, check specific companies for jobs and view salary information. The app also connects you with a variety of learning resources to aid in your job search.

Download: iOS

“77% of Job Searchers use Mobile Job Search Apps” Beyond 


LinkedIn is easily one of the most popular professional networking tools out there, but it isn’t just about selling yourself with a flattering personal profile. Just like on the LinkedIn website, LinkedIn Job Search lets you search for open positions in your industry and sort them by date posted, salary and other criteria. When you find something you like, you can apply directly in-app with your LinkedIn profile. The app will also recommend jobs based on your profile and past search criteria, and notify you when a relevant job goes live in your area.

Download Android


When you’re searching for positions on open job boards, you run the risk of applying to a fake or scam job. LinkUp pulls listings directly from company websites, so the jobs you find through the app are always current and legitimate. Like many other job-hunting apps, this one lets you save listings you like, revisit your search history and receive alerts for relevant jobs.

Download: Android or iOS



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