While the sections of your LinkedIn profile I’ve already covered in my Career Enhancing blog the most important in terms of getting you noticed, there are several smaller sections that LinkedIn encourages you to populate, and you can gain advantages if you do.

LinkedIn Sections-min
Sections that you havn’t completed of yet will show up on the right side of your screen when you go into edit mode. They include a place;

> Your publications
> Your Education
> Languages your speak
> Organisations you belong to
> Honours and Awards you have received
> Test Scores
> Courses You’ve taken
> Patents you own
> Certifications you’ve been awarded
> Volunteering
> Causes you have been involved in

This really doesn’t take long to complete, a quick win that recruiters and employers will appreciate.

How to re-order sections of your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn allows you to re-order the sections of your profile and decide which sections are most important to you, and the ones you want visitors to your profile to see first – your education, your work experience, your recommendations, and anything else. To start re-arranging, click the “edit profile” button and look for dragable handles on each section. Simply click and drag each section up or down until they are in your preferred order.

Any questions regarding LinkedIn the please fire away below.


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