New year, new you, new job or completely new career? Whether you’re looking for a career change or to progress in the industry you already work in, there are a lot of factors that need to be thought through if you want to see the bigger picture.

At times like these, MindMaps can be a useful tool to organise these various factors,set out targets and draw out new ideas.  MindMaps help to create, lead, plan, problem solve and much more, so why not use them to properly think through a career change? Invented by leading author and memory expert Tony Buzan as a tool for enhancing learning and memory, a MindMap has a natural arrangement that radiates from a central topic or idea.

In the Job Interview Mind Map above; symbols, imagery, and colours are used on branches that radiate out from the centre in way that the brain can better structure and recall.

This means that remembering and recalling information later is far easier and more reliable than when using traditional note-taking techniques” According to Buzan.
“Your brain does not think in a linear, monotonous way, rather it thinks in multiple directions simultaneously — starting from central trigger points in images or key words”

“Traditional note-taking limits thought, whereas daydreaming and drawing will increase radiant thinking” Michael Michalko, in his best selling book Cracking Creativity, highlights the benefits of MindMaps;

  • They activate your whole brain, clearing your mind of mental clutter
  • They demonstrate connections between isolated pieces of information
  • Allows you to group and regroup concepts, encouraging comparisons between them
  • Requires you to concentrate on your subject, which helps get the information about it transferred from your short term memory to your long term memory.

You can read my full article that guest posted on In this article I share 7 Steps to create a Career Focused MindMap.

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