According to LinkedIn, adding a profile photo makes your profile 7x more likely to be found in searches, so it is well working taken the time to have a decent on taken and uploaded to your account. The culture of connectivity on social media means that people want to connect with others – including professionals like you. If you don’t have a profile photo, then your profile will look generic in search results and is less likely to interacted with by employers and recruiters.

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Of course in addition to having a profile photo in the first place, the type of photo you upload is also very important.

The best LinkedIn profile photos are professionally taken, with the individual displaying a warm smile in front of a light background, usually in a environment that reflects the industry they are in.
LinkedIn profile photos display at the size of 200×200 pixels, so yours should ideally be a maximum of 500×500 so that it can be scaled down, otherwise you run the risk of having a tiny image in the corner with a surrounding grey border. When you save your photo ready for upload, don’t just name it myphoto.png or profilepicture.png.

To get the most out of the search engines, label it along the lines of yourname-jobtitle-location.png. This will give you a little searching engine ranking boost over the competition.  Ensure that your LinkedIn photo is up close, smiling and light background

How to add or edit your LinkedIn profile photo


1) If you have not yet added your LinkedIn profile photo, click “Edit Profile” on your profile page an then click the placeholder image on your profile. You can also click the camera icon on your current picture.
2) Click “choose file” to find the photo you wish to use
3) Click “upload photo” You can upload JPG,PNG and GIF files
3) Click save offer an expert LinkedIn Writing and Optimisation Service. Below you’ll find articles such as Powerful LinkedIn Profile Checklist to give help you get the edge in your online job searching.

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